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Admiral Markets AS is an international FinTech that offers both beginners and experienced experts the opportunity to enter global financial markets.

Admiral Markets AS

We are a global and multicultural FinTech community committed to consistently building a strong team anywhere in the world.

Today, Admirals is one of the most international companies in Estonia, with 18 offices in its cross-border network. With locations in different parts of the world, we connect the global FinTech community.

We consistently offer our customers and partners the highest quality service and the opportunity to be part of the global financial center network.

Admirals' long-term mission is to enable financial freedom for 10 million people by 2030 by connecting personal finance and investing.

The parent company of Admiral Markets AS, Admirals Group AS, owns 100% of the shares of Admiral Markets AS.


Admirals has always emphasized the importance of sharing its success with organisations and people who stand for the higher values ​​of society. We have been involved in various charity and sponsorship initiatives for many years.

We value quality both in our own work and that of our partners, so we consider every request very carefully. Send us a sponsorship request if you are convinced that Admirals could be a suitable partner. We value trust, open and long-term partnerships.

FCI Levadia:
Admirals contributes to the success of Estonian sports through the sponsorship of the Estonian football champion FCI Levadia.

Estonian Concert:
Admirals cooperates with Eesti Kontsert, which is the highest-level cultural organisation and promoter of Estonian music culture.


Admiral Markets AS is collaborating with the Tallinn University of Technology. The goal is to promote specialised education and provide encouragement to the rising generation of professionals. Admiral Markets AS scholarships are awarded in cooperation with the Tallinn University of Technology Development Fund. Admiral Markets AS Bachelor Study scholarships are foreseen for successful students of economics and business administration of the Faculty of Economics in the Tallinn University of Technology, as well as the IT system development or IT systems faculty of the Faculty of Information Technology, both in the autumn and spring semesters.

Admirals has created Estonia's first money wisdom board game for children. Born as a charity project, the game "Money Wisdom Compass" is primarily intended for students in grades 1-2 so that they can get their first knowledge of money wisdom. The game was created in cooperation with the Ministry of Finance, Admirals and ALPA Kids, and it was donated as a pilot project to 32 schools across Estonia.

Investment portfolio 2030:
In cooperation with Äripäev, we started the podcast series Investeerimisportfell 2030. The podcast series brings listeners the mindsets and techniques of various investors and traders on how to successfully manage your investment portfolio. New ideas are born from conversations with market participants.
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Tallinn Zoo

Admirals is a long-term supporter of Tallinn Zoo, being the god-father of Rasputin, the polar bear.

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