Admirals Group AS Subordinated Bonds

Terms of the Admirals Group AS subordinated bond 05.02.2031

Admirals Group AS
Registration Code
Name of Security
EUR 8.00 Admirals Group AS subordinated bond 21-2031
Nominal Value
100 EUR
Interest Rate
8% p.a
Total Nominal Value of the Issue
Total Number of securities
Interest Payments
Semi-annual, 5.02 and 5.08 every year
Next Interest Payment Date
Listing Date
Maturity Date
Issue Date
05.02.2021 (supplementary issue on 31.05.2021)
Legal Adviser
Law Firm Ellex Raidla
Regulated Market
Nasdaq Tallinn stock exchange, Baltic bond list
PricewaterhouseCoopers AS
Supervision Authority
Estonian Financial Supervision and Resolution Authority

Trading Information

Trading History

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a “bond”?

A bond is a debt investment in which an investor lends money to the company that issued the bond for a defined period and, in return, receives a predetermined level of interest. In terms of our bond issuance, Admirals Group AS offers investors the opportunity to invest their money for 10 years and earn 8 per cent interest per annum on that investment.

What’s the nominal price of a bond?

The nominal price is the amount paid to a bondholder at the date of maturity. The nominal price for a single Admirals Group AS bond is 100 euros and the initial subscription is carried out for the nominal price. For example, if an investor invests 1000 euros, they will subscribe for 10 bonds.

How is the interest payment calculated?

Interest is paid semi-annually, at 5.02 and 5.08, or on the first following business day. On the day of interest payment, investors will receive 4 euros per purchased bond.

Is it possible to sell bonds before their date of maturity?

Bonds are expected to be listed at the Nasdaq Tallinn Baltic Bond List and are freely tradable. The price of the bond depends on demand and supply in the secondary market, and could thus be either above or below the nominal price. The market price also incorporates the interest accrued since the previous interest payment.

Is income tax withheld from the interest payment?

If the investor is a private Estonian resident, the income tax on interest payments is withheld by Admirals Group AS, in accordance with the law. If you would like to make an investment using an investment account and postpone tax liability, you must submit an application stating so to Admirals Group AS. For foreign investors, income tax is not deducted from the interest payment.

Investment Account Application
What does “subordinated” mean?

In the event of the company’s insolvency, subordinated bondholders’ claims are fulfilled after other creditors have received their claims in full.

Any Questions?

Please read through our detailed FAQ above.

If you still have questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch by using this form.

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