2022 was the most successful year in history for Admirals Group AS

2022 was the most successful year in history for Admirals Group AS

2022 was the most successful of Admirals' 22 years of operation. The company achieved records in net trading revenue, net profit and active customers, acquired licenses in South Africa and Canada, and strongly continued to strategically implement the 2030 vision to enable financial freedom for 10 million people. 

  • Admirals Group AS net trading income 69.0 million euros (2021: 35.7 million euros) 
  • Admirals Group AS net profit 24.3 million euros (2021: 0.1 million euros)  

As a global FinTech community, Admirals has always stood for the values that connect people and cultures all around the world. Financial freedom is one of the next great objectives of humankind and we believe that it should be within reach for everybody and everywhere. Our aim is to be a trustful financial partner on that journey,” said the CEO of Admirals Group AS Sergei Bogatenkov.  


"Our vision is to be the global pioneer in financial inclusion that lets people access effortless, affordable, and secure financial products and services through an ecosystem that meets their needs. This vision does not only speak about the future but describes today’s simultaneous development and execution of a strong strategy as a global financial hub. We are fast, flexible, and courageous, which is what our record results last year speak for," added Bogatenkov. 


According to the CEO of Admirals Group, the company expanded its global presence to South Africa and Canada, and today the company is trusted by customers on all continents. "We have created a strong cross-cultural team that operates in 18 different locations around the world. We are a global company with a local focus. We are constantly making sure that Admirals offers existing and future customers the best mix of products and experiences, across all geographies and channels," introduced Bogatenkov. 


"One of the milestones in our success is our app, which is a unique, secure, and customer-friendly tool to navigate the vast world of finance in 10 different languages. Our newly launched in-house native trading and investing platform will define future success. Our business is back to full scale as we were in the pre-pandemic times. We are strongly focused on the development of IT and infrastructure, making sure that continuous R&D investments provide us with tools for further growth. We keep pace with the endless integration of AI possibilities and the development of machine learning that will allow our high performance to succeed to new levels. Our systems are fully trouble-proof while functioning securely and to the highest possible standards,” said the CEO of Admirals Group AS Sergei Bogatenkov.  


“We must think about the environment, actions and influence we can create as a global leader. We have always emphasised the importance of sharing our success with organizations and initiatives who need our support. In a constantly changing world, we are staying committed to empowering the FinTech community,” the CEO noted.  


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